Rise of Self-Guided Tours and Unlocking the Future of Visitor Attractions with Marvel

Oonagh Arkins

Unlocking New Experiences

Incorporating innovative technologies within visitor attractions can be a game-changer in more ways than one. Guests visit museums, landmarks and tourist attractions specifically to experience something new. With the help of the right technologies, it can also be possible to increase your guest’s engagement and interaction. Offering self-guided tours now gives visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves at their own pace.

At Hamilton Robson, we firmly believe that nearly every business offering tours can benefit from adopting accessible self-guided tour solutions. These tours don’t just save time and cost; they also lead to a more intimate, enjoyable and flexible experience for your guests.

Introducing Marvel

Marvel, our revolutionary, award-winning, digital tour guide app, stands at the forefront of this transformation. Drawing from Hamilton Robson’s extensive expertise in the visitor attractions industry and software development, Marvel is designed to redefine guest engagement and transform the traditional tour experience.

Our bespoke digital tour guide app strikes the perfect balance between offering captivating on-screen content and creating immersive exhibition experiences. Key offerings within our digital tour include:

        • Multi-language content creation.
        • Sign language integration.
        • Indoor wayfinding and rich content.
        • Augmented Reality (AR) experiences.
        • Secure content delivery
        • Operational tools for scalability

Digital guides powered by Marvel, offer flexible options, allowing visitor attractions to offer premium content delivery on both robust, but easy to use rental devices and guest own personal devices securely with in-app purchasing and novel anti-leak content signature technology.

Marvel in Action

Let’s delve into real-world examples that showcase the capabilities of Marvel. Take our self-guided app developed for the Game of Thrones Studio Tour. Our custom technology allowed our team of developers to integrate React Native frameworks that’s commonly used for iOS and Android. Some features included e-ticketing integration within the app, Augmented Reality, custom maps, and wayfinding.

Marvel wayfinding also preserves the power of on-location exclusivity enabling guests to discover rich and contextual premium content alongside on-site physical experiences, not in competition with them.

In similar context, Hamilton Robson delivered another customised digital guide powered by Marvel for one of most popular attractions on the Island of Ireland. Crumlin Road Gaol in Belfast. This app offered the same impressive features, but with a unique addition – integration of British Sign Language (BSL) videos. This innovation eliminated the need for prior BSL assistance bookings, reducing costs and improving service quality. This innovation created a more inclusive and immersive experience for individuals with hearing impairments while allowing the attraction to provide higher quality accessible services at a lower price point.

Beyond the App

Marvel isn’t just an app; it’s a comprehensive solution. We offer several supporting and operational tools to simplify deployment and ensure high availability services. These include scalable charging infrastructure, flexible audio accessories including hearing-loop integration, a self-serve content update portal with automatic updates, remote device management and tracking with alerting capabilities.

Are you ready to experience Marvel in action? Contact us today for a demo! We’d love to hear your ideas and explore how Marvel can transform your visitor experience.

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