Policies that we live by.

We're a responsible business

Our commitment to sustainability


When it comes to sustainability, we are committed to leaving a positive impact on communities and the world around us. Our approach covers responsible sourcing, due diligence in the supply chain, local communities and our own people. It’s all made possible with a healthy dose of innovation. 

In order to be a sustainable and responsible business, we’ve outlined some of our key commitments:


We work to challenging targets to reduce the volume of waste incinerated or disposed of to landfill without energy or material recovery. Where possible, we first reuse. Any disposals that we make are 100% compliant with WEEE regulations.
We champion and abide by all legislation concerning human rights and labour practices, with particular scrutiny on our supply chain.
We treat all of our sites of work responsibly - preventing pollution during use and after the end of life of each site.
We're always challenging the status quo. Our internal taskforce meets regularly and have big plans for practices that could transform how we report on and reduce our emissions.
We measure, report and reduce energy use across our offices every year. We develop and innovate new systems to monitor and mitigate our impacts
Through sustainable and responsible growth, we provide stability and enable long term investment in social and environmental fabric underpinning our local economies. We create high value, high-quality employment and opportunities.
We operate with transparency and record and report complaints and corrective actions to all appropriate parties.

Our approach to diversity

As we grow we’ve built an inclusive culture because we know that through diversity of thought we cut through to the best and most challenging outcomes. In an industry where only 19% of the workforce is female, our leadership team is equally balanced at 50%. We offer apprenticeships and ensure we hire from all educational and demographic backgrounds.

View our Diversity and Equal Opportunities policy

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Our values

We invest in recruiting and keeping the best technicians, software engineers, and designers. We give them inspiring work and company values they truly believe in.

We’re all united behind our values. They resonate with our customers in every one of our deliveries, from big to small.

  • Integrity – the honesty of our people, the quality of our solutions, of our promises – it shines through in everything we do
  • Trust – we’re relied upon by some of the biggest names in Silicon Valley for a reason – we deliver what we say we’ll deliver
  • Excellence –our people are the best in their field, delivering technical solutions that competitors just couldn’t
  • Creativity – our people push the boundaries until we get from better to best, we never settle and we challenge everything.
  • Professionalism – above all, our people are prepared and do their jobs in the right way and to the highest quality, safety and design standards

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