Construction recruitment in the Cloud: The Jobmatcha Story

The Challenge

JobMatcha is a disruptor in recruitment technology space, specifically the construction industry. They approached us with the challenge of streamlining their recruitment, job advertising, onboarding, and payroll processes. Their main objectives included protecting workers through transparency, providing reporting functions for employers on projects for social value statistics, providing strong risk management provisions against forced labour and human trafficking, and creating a good experience for both clients and users.

The Solution

With the customer’s vision in mind, we created a cloud-based app to make verifying documents easier, safer, and more efficient. The service focuses on using photos to minimise mistakes and provide better context, making the verification process smoother for everyone involved.

It’s ideal for both job seekers and employers because we match people with the right jobs, while considering carbon footprint and an employer’s social responsibility goals. The service is designed with native cloud technology to enable efficient, global scale even with a variety of supported documents, legislation, and governance. Our artificial intelligence can recognise different types of documents, extract important information and identify automated fallback opportunities where other systems would give up.

The app uses smart technology to check and confirm identification and integrates directly with training governance bodies like CSCS to verify workers' qualifications and skills. The database is safe, secure, and meets all necessary compliance standards, including GDPR, REC, Cyber Essentials, and LAVA. With this and other financial checks the system we built also helps in the fight against human trafficking and forced labour – meeting our client’s aspirations for social good.

The Impact

Our scalable and resilient architecture forms the basis for a simple, robust and efficient application. From sourcing to verification, rates and payment to training development and performance – the client can rely on one app for all their needs.

From a worker’s point of view, they own their own profile and set the rate they are willing to work for, with completely transparent pay rates and no hidden charges. This will help ensure fair pay in the industry as standard.

The app allows employers to track candidates offered from marginalised groups in society - the long term unemployed, people with convictions and veterans. The reporting on social impact and diversity metrics will save them money and improve ROI, in the long term and help them tender for new contracts.

It has wide-ranging benefits to society too. Checks and balances protect employees and employers alike against modern slavery, and wellbeing resources are delivered through the app by the Lighthouse Club.

Solving this problem wasn’t just about commercial opportunity- it’s a social responsibility too. By bringing in the next generation of automation, we have helped our clients to build trust and overall improve their security.