Project Stories: Transforming the VIP Live Streaming Experience with the BlueRoom

Luke McNeice

At Hamilton Robson, we take immense pride in our expertise in designing and delivering cutting-edge AV solutions for forward-thinking companies worldwide. Today, we can delve into one of our most memorable projects with Luke McNeice, Head of Engineering. Luke shares insights about the transformative ‘BlueRoom’ project we undertook for a renowned social networking giant, highlighting our commitment to user-centric design and technological innovation. Let’s join Luke on this exciting journey:

With hybrid work becoming the new norm in the aftermath of COVID-19, our clients saw an opportunity to reimagine the future of collaboration. This period of transition allowed them to invest in significant infrastructure upgrades, avoiding disruption. One such client, a global social media company and long-time design partner, approached us to upgrade several of their collaborative spaces in their iconic Silicon Valley HQ. This investment and technology leadership was the brainchild and mission of two remarkable employees – Doug and Anthony. Their innovative thinking ‘outside the box’ and decisive leadership set the stage for one of my favourite instances of technological innovation, and it was an absolute pleasure for our team to be a part of this endeavour.

Among the specialist spaces we worked on with this client was the ‘BlueRoom.’ Serving as a hub for brand activations, interviews, and live streaming, the BlueRoom provides VIPs – and we’re talking, footballers, musicians, A-listers – with a unique space reminiscent of a green room with a distinctive blue twist, a colour aligned to our client’s brand. The BlueRoom perfectly encapsulates our technical prowess, creativity, and unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional user experiences. Each of our client’s global offices now boasts a BlueRoom, which has rapidly become the centrepiece for high-profile streaming and PR activities.



Designing and implementing the enhanced BlueRoom presented us with two unique challenges:

  1. We had to seamlessly integrate high-end, often rented, studio cameras and audio equipment into the BlueRoom’s infrastructure. This required supporting a wide range of hardware and software integrations while ensuring a reliable and cost-effective backup solution remained in the room.
  2. The process of authenticating VIPs for streaming was cumbersome. It involved the VIP logging into a random engineering tool and manually entering their password to generate a ‘token’ that was copied across various systems to enable the video stream. This process was both time-consuming and uncomfortable for the VIPs as it relied on trust with sensitive information.


The Hamilton Robson solution

.As the technical lead, my primary goal was to simplify and automate the live broadcasting process without compromising on the high-quality AV experience or the user’s security. Recognising the opportunity, I proposed using the VIP’s smartphone camera to streamline the authentication process, ensuring a seamless and secure user experience. With this vision in mind, we developed a solution that uses the VIPs’ smartphone cameras for authentication. This approach seamlessly integrates with the guest’s preferred methods of password management, including fingerprint or facial recognition and two-factor authentication. Our solution proved intuitive and used the tools VIPs were already familiar and comfortable with—their own smartphones. The collaboration between Hamilton Robson’s Audio Visual and Software teams resulted in the creation of a unique in-room touch panel. This panel serves as a simple interface to control multiple cameras, studio microphones, digital encoders, and studio lights. Its user-friendly design enables VIP minders – or even the VIPs themselves – to run it effortlessly.

The Final Results

I am thrilled to announce that the Hamilton Robson BlueRoom has revolutionised the VIP live streaming experience for our client. What was once a technically challenging process, involving multiple steps and substantial support, has now been simplified to a two-tap process on a personal device. This project was particularly memorable as it offered up a lot of learning opportunities for our team. I was humbled bythe demand for performance and low-latency audio and video. Additionally, the project allowed me to use one of the most innovative features of web technology in recent years—WebRTC (Real-Time Communication). WebRTC enabled us to deliver a seamless and accessible interface for the BlueRoom, enhancing the overall user experience. This project displays Hamilton Robson’s dedication to innovation and our ability to deliver solutions that prioritise user experience while supporting technical excellence. The BlueRoom project serves as a testament to Hamilton Robson’s commitment to thinking outside the box and pushing the boundaries of AV solutions and user experience. We take pride in our ability to solve complex problems with smart, simple, and effective solutions. As we continue to drive innovation in the AV industry, stay tuned for more ground-breaking projects from Hamilton Robson.


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