W5 Immersive

Educational Centre

The Challenge

With over 4 million visitors through its doors each year, W5 wanted to transform how visitors engaged with its exhibitions. To give visitors a compelling experience, W5 needed the flexibility to have immersive technologies that would cater for permanent exhibits, as well as an ever-changing programme of temporary exhibitions and events of all sizes.

The Solution

W5’s team had amazing ideas. We had the technology to make these concepts reality. We focused on making the technology and spaces flexible enough that they could be used on the ever-changing programme of exhibitions that W5 hosts. We developed bespoke software and hardware enhancements to create a single-point control solution offering access to features across multiple video and audio hardware, all of which were free standing and could be flight boxed with ease.

The Impact

The goal was to provide an integrated technology platform to provide W5’s patrons with compelling experiences and reasons to return, time and time again. Our solution allowed W5 to be unhampered by fears of tech limitations, and work towards delivering amazing and inspiring immersive experiences, delivering world-class learning in a fun and inclusive environment.

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