Insights and New Technologies at ISE 2023

Jamie Hunter, Peter Keys

Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) is the largest AV systems integration exhibition in the world, showcasing the latest technology innovations and solutions from leading technology providers. Recently, we had the opportunity to attend the conference and we were excited to learn about the latest developments in video, virtual production, and networking technology.

At the conference, we had meetings with potential and existing technology partner s to explore new solutions and tools to enhance our offerings to our clients. We left the event feeling excited to begin researching new technologies! Here are some snippets of what we learned when we were there.


Virtual Production (using large displays to create virtual environments for high impact video productions) is something the team is excited about. One of the most interesting technologies we saw was the Modulo Pi media server. The server demonstrated fun little games utilizing a Lidar sensor as an input. Based on the position of your hand, controlled the display height as well as the content you were in front of. We were also excited to see the new features and improvements made to the Pixera media server. This is a product we had used for large scale Audio Visual experiences, which has revamped its control since we last used it.

Disguise, a more full stack Virtual production setup, showcased their virtual production setup using ncam and a notch-powered touch table. MoSYS demonstrated a camera tracking setup for virtual production using a “star” tracking approach. Meanwhile, Panasonic presented an impressive full-room projection setup along with their latest projectors and lenses.

Q-SYS, another one of our technology partners, provided a walkthrough of various meeting room types and their live production environment setup. We were delighted to see that a lot of the most recent tech is something we’re already deploying around the world on various customer projects! One of the highlights of the Q-SYS show was their new vCore virtualised processor and its capability. In a fully software-based format, directly from your own PC/server compute device, the processor, announced last year, offers a limited set of scalable Q-SYS functionalities. We will be implementing this at a few different locations for customers and can’t wait to get started using this innovative new product and a few more from the range. We would be really interested to hear from any of our customers interested in trying it out too.


For one of our biggest clients to date, we recently implemented a Blackmagic Design workflow for multiple event spaces, so it was wonderful to get a more thorough look at their selection of video converters, monitoring kits, routers, live production switchers, and recorders. Looking at the growing number of options, it was great to see what else they could offer in larger and smaller scale setups, both of which are really important to our work.

Birddog, a pioneer of the fast-adopting NDI technology showcases two items that caught our attention. They have created a straightforward but efficient method for building video walls with the choices of 2×2 or 3×3 available screen layouts by playing NDI and NDI HX streams across numerous screens using their new play boxes. The format flexibility of their new Core 5 and Core 7 units is unmatched, and they look fantastic for live production, demonstrating real-time conversion of a range of challenging video formats continuing to prove their place as the market leader. It can also record files to the USB-C port. You can connect cameras with extremely low latency around the world with an additional license. The SFP port enables a direct 10GbE connection over copper or fiber. This will be a powerful addition to our future event spaces when they are available later this year.


An excellent unanticipated addition at this year’s ISE was Panasonic’s AW-UE160 cameras. They are an improved model of the AW-UE150. Just like their predecessor, they are a powerful PTZ camera. This camera is perfect for some of our upcoming jobs thanks to improved sensor technology, a new image processing engine, incredibly smooth PTZ, and very impressive auto focus. This new camera also brings together innumerable hardware and software options for integration securing a deserved spot on our kit list for use in our remote, global production capabilities.

The standout among Skaarhoj’s fantastic product range was their new ‘Blue Pill’ Server, which enhances the UniSketch ecosystem by combining multiple controllers into one seamless controller. This 6-part megapanel was the core event controller of our booth setup with Yamaha QL Mixers, Avolites Quartz Lighting Panels, and Newtek Tricaster TC2 Elites, all of which were routed through a Q-SYS core for integration. For a setup that has been built to look adaptable, the Blue Pill could add virtually endless functionality. We’re really looking forward to putting it to use in the future.

Overall, the ISE conference provided us with valuable insights into the AV industry and enabled us to identify cutting-edge solutions to offer our customers. We look forward to integrating these innovative solutions and offering them to our customers to enhance their AV experiences!

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